Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements are fundamental to both providers and recipients of services. They define the terms of engagement – the rules that will govern the relationship.

For important services, therefore, it is essential that the service level agreement is appropriate. But how can you ensure that this is the case this if you have little knowledge of what constitutes a fair and good agreement?


This well know product (which provides a full template) includes a comprehensive presentation, designed to educate and inform the beginner. It introduces the topic and explains the key clauses, including:

  • service definition
  • performance tracking
  • problem management
  • fees and expenses
  • customer duties
  • warranties and remedies
  • security
  • legal compliance
  • termination
  • and of course many other issues.


To illustrate the depth of the presentation we have produced a number of sample pages from the product. These can be viewed via the selections in the left hand column.


The SLA ToolKit can be purchased online via a secure server and downloaded. It also includes materials to help you build your own service level agreements, including template and guide.