Falls on obstructed floors


Falls on obstructed floors

Control Methods:


Persons at Risk:

Delete as appropriate




Third Party Contractors


Members of the Public


Emergency Services

Risk Rating:

3 x 3 = 9

Existing Controls:

Insert Details As Introduced

Recommended Controls:

  1. Waste should be held in sealed bags and must not be left in walkways or routes of escape.
  2. All access floors should be kept clear of stored goods.
  3. A clear 1-meter access corridor should be maintained to all areas.
  4. A nominated person should carry out routine internal audits of obstructions in working areas on the floor.
  5. Where maintenance work is carried out which may cause an obstruction to the floor a permit to work must be issued. This permit must take into account the need to keep fire exit routes clear and the need to draw the attention of all persons to the hazard as a result of the necessary obstruction.



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