Cuts from Broken Glass


Cuts from broken glass

Control Methods:





Safe System


Personal Protective Equipment

Persons at Risk:

Delete as appropriate




Third Party Contractors


Members of the Public


Emergency Services

Risk Rating:

4 x 3 = 12


Existing Controls:

Insert Details As Introduced

Recommended Controls:

1. All glass waste must be placed in covered bins and glass is not allowed to be thrown into general waste containers unprotected.

2. Waste bins must be carried to the external waste area so that broken glass does not have to be removed until it is decanted into the external skips.

3. Broken glass damage must be reported to the Operations Manager and controlled clearance must only be by trained staff wearing adequate personal protective clothing.

4. The minimum protective clothing for the clearance of broken glass is a pair of heavy-duty gloves and eye goggles.

5. Any bins used for glass waste should be lined with heavy-duty plastic sacks to prevent glass fragments being released when the waste is decanted into the waste skip.

6. Glass equipment must only be located in areas where there is no risk of personal contact. For example glass bulbs must only be fixed above head height where people have to pass as there would otherwise be a risk of head injuries.


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