Cuts from Plant


Cuts from plant

Control Methods:





Maintenance Controls


Personal Protective Equipment

Persons at Risk:

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Third Party Contractors


Members of the Public


Emergency Services

Risk Rating:

3 x 3 = 9


Existing Controls:

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Recommended Controls:

1. All equipment is to be maintained in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

2. Defective equipment must be reported to the Operations Manager so that it can be immediately isolated and removed from site if it cannot be made safe.

3. Defective equipment must be isolated or removed if required for protection.

4. Only trained personnel over the age of 18 years may be allowed to operate sharp items of plant and prime movers.

5. Only trained personnel over the age of 18 should be allowed to carry out the task of cleaning maintaining and adjusting such sharp items of plant and prime movers.

6. All mechanical plant is to be provided with guarding in accordance with the manufacturers design standard

7. All plant must be electrically isolated before cleaning or adjustment commences.

  1. Protective clothing in the form of gloves and eye goggles should always be provided with each such item of plant or in close proximity to the plant.


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