General use of vehicles and vehicle safety


General use of vehicles and vehicle safety

Control Methods:







Safe Systems

Persons at Risk:

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Third Party Contractors


Members of the Public


Emergency Services

Risk Rating:

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Existing Controls:

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Recommended Controls:

  1. Only trained and authorized personnel should be permitted to drive company vehicles in accordance with the valid permits on their driving license.
  2. Company vehicles are to be serviced in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.
  3. Alcohol is strictly prohibited for all drivers and any member of staff found to
  4. have consumed alcohol during work or found to be above the legal limit for alcohol whilst driving may be instantly dismissed.
  5. Smoking in the storage compartment of any vehicle is strictly prohibited.
  6. All hazardous products are held in the rear compartment of vehicles and this must be in a completely separate area from the cab where the driver sits.
  7. Delivery staff should be given specialist instruction on safe lifting and handling techniques and this training should be documented.
  8. It is strongly recommended that high visibility jackets be worn by pedestrians working in the yard during the delivery of goods by large goods vehicles.



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This information is derived from the Health & Safety Manual and Kit
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