Failure/Collapse of Lifting Equipment


Failure/Collapse of Lifting Equipment

Control Methods:




Persons at Risk:

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Risk Rating:

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Existing Controls:

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Recommended Controls:

  1. Only approved lifting gear shall be used and a current certificate of inspection must be available before any work commences.
  2. Lifting gear can only be used by trained and authorized personnel.
  3. Where lifting gear is required for the movement of unusual items (e.g. hoist or fork lift truck) the authorized user of the equipment must determine that the load is secure, that the plant is capable of lifting the load and that the system is safe.
  4. Only trained and certificated staff may use powered lifting plant such as forklift trucks.
  5. Constant supervision of powered lifting plant drivers must be in place and strict disciplinary action must be taken against any driver who does not adhere to a safe system of work. This will include suspension of the driver until re-training has been carried out.
  6. Where powered lifting plant operates in close proximity to pedestrians, drivers must be instructed to take additional care.
  7. Medical surveillance for truck operators should be considered.
  8. Where practicable hand pull pallet movers should be used rather than powered lifting plant.
  9. When moving drivers must be given clear instructions to always move forwards with a load, always lower the forks prior to movement and always sound the horn and drive dead slow where visibility is unclear or where pedestrians have moved into the operation area.
  10. Personal protective equipment in the form of protected shoes or boots should be provided for all staff working in areas where contact with powered lifting plant is likely.
  11. Signs should be used at the entrance to the areas where powered lifting plant is operated stating that forklift trucks are working in this area and that protective footwear is mandatory.



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