Handling of hazchem spillage


Handling of hazchem spillage

Control Methods:





Personal Protective Equipment




Safe System

Existing Controls:

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Recommended Controls:

1. In the event of a hazardous material spillage the entire facility should be evacuated if there is any public health risk.

2. In the event of a hazardous material spillage the emergency must be dealt with by the Safety Officer or other competent person.

3. Contact must be made with the Fire Authority by the Safety Officer to advise of the spillage of any hazardous substance if it is major.

4. The room where the substance has been spilt must be ventilated for at least 60 minutes prior to any clean up procedure being instigated.

5. Clearance should only be initiated by staff wearing full personal protective equipment as determined by the relevant material assessment for the product concerned.

6. Clearance should only commence when independent advice has been taken by contacting the supplier of the product concerned.

7. Clearance must be supervised at all times by the Safety Officer.

8. Cleared spillage should be double bagged and placed in a sealed bin for disposal. Such spillage must not be carried at any time inside a passenger compartment of any vehicle.



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