Airborne Harmful Substances


Airborne Harmful Substances

Control Methods:



Personal Protective Equipment

Persons at Risk:

Delete as appropriate




Third Party Contractors


Members of the Public


Emergency Services

Risk Rating:

5 x 2 = 10


Existing Controls:

Insert Details As Introduced

Recommended Controls:

1. Cease work immediately in the event of asbestos being suspected and report it to a Director of This Corporation so that further investigation, research or analysis can be carried out.

2. If materials need to be sampled then this must be done by expert outside consultants and will not be carried out by untrained internal staff.

3. Warning notices must be provided where asbestos or any other harmful material is identified within the site.

4. Detailed assessments are required for hazardous materials which give advice on the safe handling and use of these materials with particular regard to the provision of removal, sealing and ventilation.

5. Asbestos must only be dealt with by a professional specialist. Always take professional advice when dealing with suspected asbestos.



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