Risk Assessments: Safe Systems of Work

Burns and Smoke Inhalation
Electrical and Gas Burns
Hot Water Burns
Cuts from Plant
Cuts from Broken Glass
Personal Harm from Chemicals
Falls on slippery floors
Falls on obstructed floors
Falls down stairs/steps
Contact with Electricity
Manual Handling Injuries
Collision with others
Injuries from objects falling
Falls from heights
Burns from Electricity
Escape of gas
Airborne Harmful Substances
Working in Isolation
Handling of hazchem spillage
Blood borne pathogens
Injury from VDU use
Water Safety and Pathogens
Entanglement with equipment
Failure/Collapse of Lifting Equipment
General use of vehicles and vehicle safety
Use and handling of Liquid Petroleum Gas


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This information is derived from the Health & Safety Manual and Kit
For further information about the Kit, visit The Essential Health and Safety Manual home page
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