Company Risk Assessments

It is the policy of This Corporation to encourage all staff and third parties to work together to create a healthy and safe working environment.

To fulfill this policy hazards have to be identified and suitable steps taken to prevent injury or ill health to This Corporation staff, or third parties, who may include contractors or visitors.

This procedure is intended to provide guidance for those members of staff with specific responsibility for assessing and controlling risks within their area of responsibility, complementing the responsibilities detailed in the 'General Statement of Health Safety Policy'.

It is important to note this procedure relates to the long-term health of individuals as well as the management of the safety of such individuals, which focuses on the prevention of injuries. Risks to health, such as occupational stress or infectious diseases must be considered as well as the more obvious safety illnesses, such as those which relate to manual handling or fire evacuation.

What is a Risk Assessment?
Why are they necessary?
Who should do them?
When should they be done?
How do you perform a risk assessment?
How do you assess risk levels?


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