During pregnancy personnel may be at increased in certain situations. The manual handling of goods and prolonged standing in the work place could all be safety issues that are affected by pregnancy. Hard and fast rules for pregnancy are difficult to put in place as cases vary and some staff may take exception to being restricted at work when pregnant and staff may be pregnant without the Company being aware. When a member of staff is pregnant they should not be required to lift or carry anything other than very lights weights unless they have documentary agreement from their Medical Practitioner to state that they can lift heavier items. Where a pregnant employee has to work in the standing position a facility should be provided for that member of staff to take regular breaks to sit down. The number of breaks should be determined between the employee and her supervisor.

There is no evidence to suggest that work with visual display screens is harmful to pregnant mothers and there is no known reason to restrict this work.

In the event of any pregnant employee suffering from any illness or discomfort in the workplace she should be referred immediately to her Medical Practitioner. In the event of any concerns over the work which the pregnant employee is involved with advice should be sought from the Medical Practitioner. A copy of the full risk assessment may prove of assistance to the Medical Practitioner. Personal protective equipment must be kept under review throughout the period when the pregnant worker is at work.


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