Procedure for the Health and Safety Induction
of New Employees and Agency or Other Temporary Workers


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This Corporation


In order to adhere to the Company safety policy it is the intention of This Corporation that on their first day of employment all employees (whether short term or permanent staff) will be advised of their general terms and conditions of employment and of the basic safety standards within the business. Additional specific training will be provided as and when required depending on the duties of each individual.


Training will be recorded using the induction training form IND 1.

Employees will be required to sign to accept that the defined training has been provided.

Person Responsible

The site safety officer will appoint a deputy who will be responsible for carrying out safety induction training. This person will be the site-training officer for health and safety.

The site-training officer must review the training of permanent new employees after a period of one month to determine what additional training and what re-training may be required.

During all induction training the new employee must be given an opportunity to ask questions to clarify any point of the health and safety arrangements and employees should be encouraged to do so before signing to agree that training has been provided.



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