Expectant and New Mothers: Guidance Notes

In most circumstances normal company procedures and controls which comply with current legislation will significantly reduce any risk to Expectant and New Mothers. If your Risk Assessment shows this is not the case, then you must take steps to remove her from the risk (the attached table should help you with your assessment).

Apart from the hazards listed in the table, there are other aspects of pregnancy that may affect work as follows: -

Morning sickness

Early shift work/nauseating smells


Standing/manual handling/posture

Varicose veins



Working in hot conditions

Frequent visits to toilet

Difficulty in leaving job

Increasing size

Protective clothing/confined areas/manual handling


Overtime/evening work


Working on wet slippery surfaces


Confined spaces

Handling ability, agility, co-ordination, speed of movement and ability to reach may be impaired due to increasing size, these aspects may well change during the course of the pregnancy and you will have to reassess the situation as time progresses.


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