Alcohol and Drugs Policy

This Corporation is aware of its responsibilities to provide, as far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy working environment, and recognizes that this can be put at risk by those who misuse alcohol or drugs to such an extent that it may affect their health, performance, conduct, and safety, or the safety of others whilst in the workplace.

All employees, regardless of status, are expected to adhere to, and observe, current and future legislation, and both This Corporation and client policies and rules regarding the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs whilst on, or reporting for, duty or whilst on company or client premises.

The consumption of alcohol on This Corporation premises is not allowed except at authorized company functions or with the prior consent of senior management. Any employees, regardless of status, found consuming either drugs or unauthorized alcohol on company premises, or thought unfit to carry out their normal duties through the unauthorized consumption of such, may be subject to disciplinary action.

This Corporation expects all employees to co-operate with any justifiable request to produce breath, blood and/or urine samples, either by the company, client or any officer of the enforcing authorities. Failure to comply with such a request is a dismissible offence.

This Corporation reserves the right to remove from site and suspend from work any employee suspected to be in breach of this policy through misuse of alcohol or drugs, pending further investigation.

Any employee found to be in breach of legislation and/or either company or client policy or rules may be subject to disciplinary action for gross misconduct that may lead to summary dismissal.

Staff working on Transport Systems will be given a copy of this Drugs and Alcohol Policy which their supervisor will explain to them, and will be required to sign the 'Employee Declaration on Alcohol and Drugs', giving their consent to initial and random testing.

Anyone taking prescribed or over the counter medication should inform his or her manager on reporting for duty and before actually commencing work.

This Corporation would prefer to help staff who might have a problem, not penalize them. Staff who seek help and declare a belief that they have a problem concerning either alcohol or drugs will be dealt with sympathetically by the Company and support will be given where possible.


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