1.25 Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Temporary Plant and Services.

As with all other aspects of construction and installation work the contractor is required to conduct risk assessments and develop measures to eliminate or adequately control risks. The contractor shall appoint an authorized person who will be responsible when appropriate for issuing a permit to work prior to any commissioning or maintenance operations. The permit to work system will ensure that all operations follow a strict safe system of work.

Prior to any plant, equipment or service being placed into use, the contractor shall ensure that the plant, equipment or service is not used for purposes other than those it has been specifically designed for.

All moving plant shall have an audible warning that operates automatically when in reverse, and a flashing yellow hazard warning beacon.

The contractor shall provide a banksman whenever plant or equipment is being moved in the vicinity of other personnel or there is a possibility of personnel being in the vicinity or when the operator does not have a clear view around his item of plant or equipment.


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