1.1 General Safety Requirements

Health and Safety Management

The contractor where appointed should note that, in accordance with conditions of contract, he is responsible for the safety of site operations.

The contractor shall comply with all the requirements described herein without detraction from his responsibilities under the contract.

The contractor shall throughout the progress of the works comply with his duties under all approved codes and all relevant health and safety legislation. Where no specific legislative requirements exist, the contractor shall comply with guidance provided by codes of practice or industry standards as a minimum standard of safety.

The contractor shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with this document throughout the project including the activities of his appointed sub contractors or temporary visitors.

The contractor shall submit with any tender, or if there is no tender required prior to any works commencing, the following:

  1. Company Safety Policy Document
  2. Details of any prohibition or improvement notices and prosecutions by the enforcing authorities, during the last 5 years.
  3. Risk Assessments and method statements
  4. Copies of employers liability and public liability insurance certificates


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