1.17 Cranes, Hoists, Platforms etc.

The contractor shall ensure that all lifting equipment is of an approved type and used in the approved manner. A current copy of the examination and insurance certificates shall be kept on site and made available to the Safety Manager upon request.

Each item of lifting equipment shall be marked with its safe working load (SWL), which shall not be exceeded, and also with its unique identification marks. All lifting equipment shall be maintained in a safe condition and when not in use stored as safe as possible.

The contractor shall ensure that lifting equipment and plant is tested, inspected and examined at specified intervals by an insurance company inspector who is trained and authorized to do so and that records of the examination are maintained in the relevant statutory register.

Any lifting equipment showing signs of wear or damage to safety critical parts shall be taken out of service immediately.

Only authorized banksman shall give approved signals to crane or plant operators. The contractor shall ensure that the crane or plant operator accepts signals only from an authorized banksman. The authorized banksman shall be readily identifiable.

Lifting Tackle, ropes etc. shall be of an approved type to the relevant British Standard.

Any chain or strap etc. used for restraining load shall not be used if showing signs of wear or damage.

The contractor shall ensure that any temporary platform shall be securely attached or fixed. It shall have handrails, intermediate guardrails and toe boards to prevent persons or materials falling from the platform. If the platform is attached to hydraulic or rope operated plant then in the event of a hydraulic power failure a 'fail safe device' shall be fitted to the item of plant.


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