1.16 Electrical Equipment.

Supplies to portable, electrical powered tools and temporary site lighting, must be 110v.

The contractor shall produce an electrical safety plan and ensure that only equipment designed for operating at the supply voltage is used on site. Where supplies greater than 110v have to be used the need must be fully justified, supported by a full method statement, before permission is obtained from the Project Manager. The tool shall be protected by an RCD and regularly checked and documented by a competent person.

The contractor shall ensure that all tools and distribution equipment including cables, plugs etc. are complete and examined for signs of damage or wear prior to use.

Trailing cables across operational or public areas are not permitted. Worn or damaged equipment shall not be used. Any non-compliant equipment found on site must be immediately removed. All 110v distribution equipment and cables, including lighting festoons must be routed and adequately supported to avoid creating hazards on site or damage to the cable or equipment.


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