1.11 Contractors General Plant and Equipment.

The contractor shall ensure that employees are trained, competent and authorized to drive or operate any plant or equipment that they may use, whether regularly or on an occasional basis. Training records should be maintained and may be requested by This Corporation. Such equipment shall include, but not restricted to:

Documentary evidence of such authorization shall be provided as required.

Only training which is specific to the actual plant or equipment to be used will be considered acceptable.

All equipment provided shall be in good order and suitable for the use for which it is intended for. The contractor shall ensure that site plant and equipment is inspected and thoroughly examined at regular intervals by person(s) who are appropriately skilled and authorized to do so and that records of such inspections/examinations are maintained in a register which may be available for examination by This Corporation upon request. When selecting equipment the contractor shall take into account the working conditions and potential site hazards.

All construction plant shall be maintained in such a manner that smoke is not emitted.


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