1.10 Hazardous Substances and Materials


The contractor shall ensure that risk assessments have been undertaken by a competent person for all products intended for use during the works or materials evolved during the work and that written procedures for the handling, application, storage and disposal of hazardous products have been prepared.

The Security Officer must be informed in writing of all substances intended for use on site which are classified as toxic, very toxic, corrosive, flammable, highly flammable or explosive


On discovering any asbestos the contractor shall immediately notify the Safety Officer. NO ATTEMPT SHALL BE MADE TO REMOVE THE ASBESTOS. It shall be left undisturbed until further instructions are given by the Managing Director of This Corporation. In addition, notices warning others of the presence of the asbestos should be posted.

Design and Planning.

Where hazardous substances have been specified the designer must evaluate to see if:

A. They are strictly necessary for the process.

B. They can be substituted for a safer alternative substance.

C. An alternative method or process can be used to eliminate or reduce the hazard.

If it is not possible to adequately eliminate or control exposure to a hazardous substance then the contractor will need to ensure that suitable and sufficient personal protective equipment is provided to all affected employees and that they are adequately instructed on how, why and when it is to be used. The potential effects to other persons must also be considered by the contractor.


Hazardous Material Assessments.

  1. A material assessment shall be carried out for every substance brought onto site, copies of assessment and material data sheets shall be readily available for the Safety Manager to examine. A suitable and sufficient risk assessment should be made.
  2. When necessary, an operating procedure shall be produced for the safe handling, storage and use of a particular substance. A copy shall be given to the Safety Manager.
  3. All personnel shall be informed of any potential health hazards associated with any substance they may use or handle. The contractor shall ensure that correct use is made of the appropriate safety equipment provided by him.
  4. All personnel shall have sight of the assessment that shall be available in the event of an incident that requires first aid medical treatment or fire fighting.


Community Effects.

The contractors materials risk assessment, selection procedure and exposure control measures must adequately consider the possible effects of products such as fumes, sprays or dust etc. both on and off the site. Examples would be the use of solvent-based paints and adhesives.



  1. After handling hazardous substances personnel shall wash their hands prior to eating, drinking and smoking.
  2. Personnel shall not eat, drink or smoke in the proximity of stored hazardous substances.



The bringing of explosives on to site is strictly forbidden.


Waste Arising.

The contractor shall be responsible for the safe disposal of waste arising from construction activities under his management and for ensuring that disposal is carried out in accordance with the legislation relevant to the waste category involved.

Waste materials likely to present a hazard to site personnel shall be disposed of as soon as practicable or on the request of This Corporation.

Access to and from tips must have local authority approval and evidence available to the Safety Manager plus authorization to use the tip.

All waste arising to be segregated as appropriate.

The contractor shall be responsible for any damage or contamination caused by waste under his control and shall bear the full cost of any remedial measures that the responsible authorities or This Corporation may direct.

The contractor shall ensure strict compliance with Waste Disposal Regulations.


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