1.9 Protection against fire.


Contractors must conform to the requirements of Fire Safety Standards for This Corporation.

The fire risk assessment and emergency procedures shall be discussed with the Project Manager and fire precautions shall be agreed prior to commencement of works.

The contractor shall ensure that operatives on site are familiar with the risk assessment and emergency procedures.

Adequate means of extinguishing fires as detailed in the hot work permit shall be provided by the contractor, to the approval of the Safety Manager.

The contractor shall ensure that all site staff are adequately briefed and instructed on fire safety arrangements for the site and may be required to present proof.

The use of petrol driven plant (excluding staff cars) or equipment shall be prohibited at all locations on the site unless written permission is granted by This Corporation.

All combustible materials shall be stored in a position and in a manner approved by The Safety Officer.

Access for Emergency Services.

Areas should be set aside for the access of fire fighting equipment or other like appliances including ambulances and shall be maintained, kept clear of obstructions at all times and marked/signed accordingly.

Hot Working

Hot working includes all types of welding work involving the use of bitumen heaters and thermic lance equipment and any work involving naked flames or sparks.

Prior to any hot work being carried out by the contractor a correctly endorsed Hot Work permit shall be obtained from The Safety Officer. The permit will carry endorsements as to the type of fire fighting equipment to be provided by the contractor, and the authorizing person will enter the starting and completion times. Upon the completion of the work the permit must be returned to The Safety Officer for cancellation.

Site Welding

No welding shall be carried out in the site without prior approval from the contract engineers through The Safety Officer which shall not be given until all conditions stipulated by the Hot Work permit have been met. The contractor shall give reasonable notice of his requirements to carry out welding on the site.

The contractor shall ensure that any welding operations are screened or carried out in such a way as to prevent the flashes from the process affecting any persons immediately adjacent to the operation, including any persons who have gained unauthorized access, from the affects of 'arc eye'.


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