Code of Practice for Contractors

This Corporation

Health * Safety * Security * Fire * Hygiene

1.1 General Safety Requirements
1.2 Training
1.3 Risk Assessment
1.4 Housekeeping
1.5 Permits to Work
1.6 Working on or in the vicinity of high temperature Hot Water (HTHW) Systems.
1.7 Working in the vicinity of Sprinkler system.
1.8 Protection against Noise.
1.9 Protection against fire.
1.10 Hazardous Substances and Materials
1.11 Contractors General Plant and Equipment.
1.12 Accident Treatment/Accident Reporting/First Aid Facilities.
1.13 Abrasive Wheels.
1.14 Excavations and Openings.
1.15 Confined Spaces.
1.16 Electrical Equipment.
1.17 Cranes, Hoists, Platforms etc.
1.18 Working at Heights.
1.19 Compressed Gas Cylinders.
1.20 Welfare Facilities.
1.21 Alcohol
1.22 Smoking.
1.23 Safety Harnesses.
1.24 Non English Speaking Personnel.
1.25 Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Temporary Plant and Services.
1.26 Personal Protective Equipment.
1.27 Appointments by the Contractor.
1.28 Manual Handling.
1.29 Re- use of Metal Drums.
1.30 Emergency Procedures.
1.31 Provision and use of Work Equipment.
1.32 Hygienic Maintenance.


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This information is derived from the Health & Safety Manual and Kit
For further information about the Kit, visit The Essential Health and Safety Manual home page
  See also Health & Safety Made Easy
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