2. Fire Safety

The company will provide the necessary fire fighting equipment in accordance with the requirements of the local Fire Authority. It is the policy of the Company to over rather than under provide such facilities. All employees are required to familiarise themselves with the fire drill before commencing work. Exercises will be arranged at regular intervals. Existing fire fighting equipment will be inspected by a supervisor appointed by the safety officer on a weekly basis and by the external contract engineers on an annual basis. Alarms will be tested weekly. Fire fighting equipment will be inspected and a certificate issued by a competent authority on an annual basis.

Fire exits must be kept clear at all times. No fire door to or from an occupied room may be locked. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

No doors are to be wedged or propped open in any way. All personnel will be trained by their safety supervisor in the safe use of fire fighting equipment.

You should know which extinguishers are available in your immediate place of work. In particular you should ensure that combustible materials do not accumulate around your place of work.

Flammable materials must never be exposed to hot surfaces or direct heat sources.

In the event of a gas leak switch off all equipment and evacuate the premises immediate. Contact the Emergency Services immediately.

In the event of a fire the premises should be evacuated immediately following the information provided on the fire notices.

Fire extinguishers should only be removed from their wall brackets in an emergency. The removal of fire extinguishers in other cases without good reason will be considered as misconduct.


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This information is derived from the Health & Safety Manual and Kit
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