Adjusting Your Workstation

You should aim to adjust your chair so that you can sit comfortably.

First, set the seat height so that there is approximately a right angle at your elbow, and your forearms are horizontal when using the home row (the letters 'QWERTY' etc.) on the keyboard.

Second, check that your knee is approximately at a right angle, so that is at roughly the same height as your hip, and that you can place your feet flat on the floor. If you cannot achieve this, you may have the need for a footrest.

You should now be able to look at the top of the screen with a slight downward angle. If the screen is placed upon the disk drive unit, it is possible that you may find it too high. If so seek guidance from the Safety Officer.

Once you have set up the workstation as described you will have minimized the risk of discomfort, however prolonged sitting in a static position can be harmful. You should vary movement as much as possible during the working day. Do not get stuck in one particular position, your muscles are made to move!

Try to adjust the viewing distance from the screen during the day; this will help to reduce eyestrain.


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