Document Holders

Where a holder would be of benefit, you should request your manager to supply one. It should enable you to position the document at the same height and angle as the screen to reduce awkward neck movements. You may find it more convenient for the holder to be between the keyboard and screen provided that this does not interfere with comfort. Try to position it at a slightly different viewing distance than the screen.


Where you require the use of a footrest you should request your manager to supply one. The footrest should be stable and should enable you to place your feet flat upon it. For an explanation of why you might need a footrest please refer to the section entitled 'Adjusting your Workstation'.


Where your job requires the use of a mouse, or some other input device, there must be adequate space for safe use. With a mouse, it is usual for a mouse mat to be used. This should be placed on your preferred side, and should be unobstructed. The mouse itself can be specified for use by either a right-handed or a left-handed user - consult the Safety Officer if yours is not suitable.

Wrist Rest

Some people may find the use of a wrist rest advantageous, particularly where the keyboard is of a very thick construction.


Try to place the telephone on your preferred side of the desk, arranging for a longer cable if the present one does not reach. Avoid cradling the receiver between your head and shoulder during conversations- this is a common cause of neck and shoulder pains, and these may not occur until some time afterwards.


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