Procedure for Display Screen Equipment


Employers must ensure that all display screen equipment users are identified and subsequently provided with relevant information and training. The workstation from which a user operates must be assessed and any risks identified eliminated or reduced to their lowest practical level.


For the purposes of this procedure : -


a user is defined as an employee who uses display screen equipment as a significant part of their normal work


a workstation is defined as the display screen equipment (together with any optional accessories such as a filter), disk drive, telephone, modem, printer, document holder, work chair, work desk, work surface or other items peripheral to the display screen equipment.

User Identification and Assessment Procedure

  1. In order to decide whether an employee can be defined as a 'user' it is necessary to identify all employees who use display screen equipment.
  2. A 'user' will be defined as an employee who uses display screen equipment for more than 1 hour each day. If the employee is not a 'user' they will be advised accordingly.
  3. If the employee is defined as a 'user' then they will be given a copy of the Users Guide and the date of issue will be recorded. Following this an assessment of the workstation must be undertaken by the 'user' using the Assessment Form.
  4. Once the assessment has been completed and action points identified then these shall normally be implemented by the user. When major office layout changes and/or purchase of furniture are required, details to be forwarded to the Safety Officer who will monitor any such requirement.
  5. All assessments should be reviewed annually or immediately if there has been a significant change in, for example, the workstation or office layout.






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