It is the policy of This Corporation to provide good welfare facilities for our employees. To this end the following standard will be followed.



Employers are responsible for ensuring that the workplace which they control complies with the regulations and that the facilities required are provided. Arrangements can be made to use facilities provided by another person, e.g. landlord or a neighboring business, but the employer remains responsible for ensuring compliance with the Regulations.


People other than employers also have a duty under these Regulations if they have control to any extent of a workplace. For example, owners and landlords should ensure that common parts, common facilities, common services and means of access/egress within their control comply with the Regulations. These duties are limited to common parts of buildings, e.g. staircases, shared toilets.


Where employees work at a workplace that is not under their employer's control the employer should take any steps necessary to ensure that sanitary conveniences and washing facilities will be available.





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This information is derived from the Health & Safety Manual and Kit
For further information about the Kit, visit The Essential Health and Safety Manual home page
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