Manual Handling

Procedure for Complying with Manual Handling Requirements

Assessment Procedure
Personal Protective Equipment
Employees' Duties
Information, Instruction and Training
Assessment Review
Assessment Manual


Employers must ensure that wherever possible manual handling tasks involving a risk to the health and safety of employees are avoided, so far as reasonably practicable. Where these tasks cannot be avoided, employers shall carry out an adequate and sufficient assessment of the risks involved and will reduce those risks to the lowest level reasonably practicable.


Manual handling is defined as lifting, carrying, putting down, pushing and pulling i.e. moving a load by bodily force.

Assessment Procedure

  1. Identify and make an inventory of all tasks involving manual handling. Minor lifting and lowering tasks can be ignored but the appropriate section of the Assessment Form still requires to be completed.
    If in any doubt an assessment should be carried out and in all cases the task information requires to be recorded on Control Summary.
  2. The assessment using the Assessment and Employee Assessment should be carried out by a competent person who should have the knowledge to be able to: -
    (a) identify the risks associated with manual handling, including an assessment of the employees
    (b) recognize poor posture and movement
    (c) form a valid and justifiable conclusion as to the risk of injury
    (d) recommend appropriate action to reduce the risk of injury.
  3. Once the assessment has been completed and the actions required to reduce the risk of injury have been identified, recommendations shall be implemented by the supervisor or, if necessary, forwarded to the safety officer for action.

    If following an assessment there is any doubt as to an employee's ability to carry out designated tasks a medical examination of the employee should be arranged.

Personal Protective Equipment

All employees will be provided with and must wear appropriate personal protective equipment for the tasks undertaken.

Employees' Duties

All employees, while at work, shall make full and proper use of any system of work or mechanical aid provided by the Company in order to reduce the risks associated with manual handling activities.

Information, Instruction and Training

All employees will be given task related training in correct handling methods, which will include: -

  (a) the reasons why the training is being given

  (b) the effects poor handling can have on the body and how injuries can occur

  (c) information on the loads to be handled

  (d) the measures to be employed to reduce the risk

  (e) the correct use of personal protective equipment

  (f) the duties of employees

All training should be recorded on the Training Record and the employees' training records. Training may be general (e.g. general lifting techniques) or specific (e.g. handling of pallets).

Any employee who sustains a manual handling injury should be assessed to determine whether refresher training is required.

Training must also be given to temporary employees.

Assessment Review

All assessments should be reviewed at least annually and immediately if it is suspected that the existing assessment may no longer be valid.

Assessment Manual

The following data should be retained in one easily accessible file.

1. Individual Assessment Forms

2. Pre-Assessment Forms

3. Control Summary

4. Training Record

5. Relevant Correspondence.





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