2. Visual Checks In House

Visual examination of all low risk equipment will be carried out on an annual basis by an in house competent person. This task will be assigned to a nominated authorized manager who is competent and experienced in electrical safety. Low risk equipment is defined as all appliances which are earthed and which have a fully insulated casing to protect the user. For example computer screens, computer drives, facsimile units and answer telephones would be included but kettles, free standing lights and battery charging equipment would not be. The check will include, in addition to the issues looked at in the user examination, the following:

The inspection will be recorded in writing and records will be held for a minimum of 5 years.

Equipment which is suitable for in house examination is:

Battery operated equipment, computers, photocopiers, fax machines, fans and lamps.

Equipment which is not suitable for in house examination and which requires external inspection (see below) is:

Floor cleaners, electric kettles, extension leads, metal lamps, electric hand tools.


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This information is derived from the Health & Safety Manual and Kit
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