Health & Safety Manual Table of Contents

Health & Safety Policy

1. Organisation And Lines Of Responsibility
2. Fire Safety
3. Electrical Safety
4. First Aid
5. Training
6. Cleanliness
7. Manual Handling
8. Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health
9. Protective Clothing
10. Visual Display Screen Equipment
11. Machinery
12. Guarding
13. Visitors & Contractors
14. Risk Assessments
15. Signatures

Permit To Work

Procedure for the Health and Safety Induction

Health And Safety Induction Training Form: IND1

Accident/Disease/Dangerous Occurrences: Form ACC3

Risk Assessment

The Management of Health and Safety at Work
    Associated Documentation
    Arrangements For Health & Safety
    First Aid & Accident Reporting
Company Risk Assessments
    What is a Risk Assessment?
    Why are they necessary?
    Who should do them?
    When should they be done?
    How do you perform a risk assessment?
    How do you assess risk levels?

    Additional Checklists for Risk Assessment form

    Identified Hazards

    Risk Assessments: Safe Systems of Work

Burns and Smoke Inhalation
Electrical and Gas Burns
Hot Water Burns
Cuts from Plant
Cuts from Broken Glass
Personal Harm from Chemicals
Falls on slippery floors
Falls on obstructed floors
Falls down stairs/steps
Contact with Electricity
Manual Handling Injuries
Collision with others
Injuries from objects falling
Falls from heights
Burns from Electricity
Escape of gas
Airborne Harmful Substances
Working in Isolation
Handling of hazchem spillage
Blood borne pathogens
Injury from VDU use
Water Safety and Pathogens
Entanglement with equipment
Failure/Collapse of Lifting Equipment
General use of vehicles and vehicle safety
Use and handling of Liquid Petroleum Gas

Risk Assessment Procedure

1. Introduction
2. Risk Assessment Procedure
    a. Hazards
    b. Who is at Risk?
    c. Existing Control Measures
    d. Proposed Action
    e. Record your Findings
3. Review your Assessment Annually

Appendix 1: Risk Assessment Procedure Form RA1
Appendix 2: Risk Assessment Procedure Form RA2

Procedure For The Inspection of Portable Appliances

1. Visual Checks By Users
2. Visual Checks In House
External Testing

Electrical Safety

Manual Handling

Assessment Procedure
Personal Protective Equipment
Employees' Duties
Information, Instruction and Training
Assessment Review
Assessment Manual

Manual Handling Guidance Note
Six Steps to Correct Lifting

Chemical Safety

Assessment Procedure
Assessment Review

Work Equipment

Welfare Arrangements

Provisions applicable to the workplace and to equipment, devices and systems therein

Procedure for Display Screen Equipment

Display Screen Equipment User Guide

The Desk
The Chair
Adjusting Your Workstation
Work Breaks and Job Design
Eyes and Eye-sight
The Work Environment
Display Screens and Health


Code of Practice for Contractors

1.1 General Safety Requirements
1.2 Training
1.3 Risk Assessment
1.4 Housekeeping
1.5 Permits to Work
1.6 Working on or in the vicinity of high temperature Hot Water (HTHW) Systems.
1.7 Working in the vicinity of Sprinkler system.
1.8 Protection against Noise.
1.9 Protection against fire.
1.10 Hazardous Substances and Materials
1.11 Contractors General Plant and Equipment.
1.12 Accident Treatment/Accident Reporting/First Aid Facilities.
1.13 Abrasive Wheels.
1.14 Excavations and Openings.
1.15 Confined Spaces.
1.16 Electrical Equipment.
1.17 Cranes, Hoists, Platforms etc.
1.18 Working at Heights.
1.19 Compressed Gas Cylinders.
1.20 Welfare Facilities.
1.21 Alcohol
1.22 Smoking.
1.23 Safety Harnesses.
1.24 Non English Speaking Personnel.
1.25 Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Temporary Plant and Services.
1.26 Personal Protective Equipment.
1.27 Appointments by the Contractor.
1.28 Manual Handling.
1.29 Re- use of Metal Drums.
1.30 Emergency Procedures.
1.31 Provision and use of Work Equipment.
1.32 Hygienic Maintenance.

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

New and Expectant Mothers at Work Policy

Expectant and New Mothers: Guidance Notes
    Steps to reduce the risk if still significant: -
    Night Work




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