Help Desk Software

Help Desk Software

A Free Presentation on The Past, Present and Future

This introductory presentation was created to explain the history, background to and current state of play with respect to help desk software. It will help you evaluate: Traditional v web based Help Desks; What functionality you should expect from a Help Desk; What resources are available to you; What price you should pay; What you might do next.

Hopefully, it will prove to be extremely useful as you embark upon the path of greater productivty and higher quality service.

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The Presentation

For more information on help desks and help desk software, we recommend: Help Desk Software World.

Table of Contents

Help Desk Review Guide

Traditional Help Desk

Telephone Support Advancements

Telephone Support Pitfalls

The Onset of the Email Culture

Web Support the Answer

Web Support Benefits

Web Based Support Call Logging Functionality

Web Based Support Self Help Facilities

Web Based Support Call Management

Web Based Support Call Resolution

Web Based Support Installation and Configuration

Web Based Support Vendor Analysis

What Price Should You Pay

What Next

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