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E-Aware Email Security Kit 

Email Security Awareness Kit

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Email can be a real Achilles heel, partly because it is so familiar that it is taken for granted. The fundamental security issues surrounding its use are all too often overlooked.


Much of this of course is down to lack of awareness and education. If a user or organization is not aware of the risks or exposures, appropriate controls and protection are hardly likely to be employed.


The E-Aware Email Security Kit is designed to address this. Through a series of foils it explores a series of known security shortcomings. It explains not only the risks that exist, but what steps can and should be taken to address them.


In short, the E-Aware Email Security Kit helps both the user and organization to deploy sensible due diligence measures to protect themselves both against malicious and accidental losses.



The E-Aware Email Security Kit comprises over 200  PowerPoint foils, each pleasingly presented in a sometimes entertaining manner. It is designed to get the message over, and establish a much better understanding of email security.


The foils cover a wide range of aspects and issues. It explains not only the basic issues but takes each in turn for detailed consideration.


At the highest level, amongst it explores: What is Email, How does E-mail Work, Sending Emails; Receiving Emails; Encryption, Digital Signatures; Viruses; Firewalls; and many more basics from a security perspective. 


Using a combination of both diagrams and text, it drills down into all these topics, offering guidance, information and tips to ensure that security is not breached.



To illustrate the depth of the product we have produced a number of sample pages from the product. These can be viewed via the selections in the left hand column.




The E-Aware Email Security Kit can be purchased online via a secure server and download. It is provided both in both PPT (PowerPoint - to allow edit and presentation) and PDF formats for maximum flexibility. The kit is priced at only $89.


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